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Head east of the River Lagan and you’ll find yourself in EastSide. The beating heart of Belfast’s industrial past, this down-to-earth neighbourhood is thriving once as again, now as a hub for creativity, arts, design and alternative thinking.

Former linen mills house renowned craft breweries. Vacant college buildings are now occupied by contemporary artists' collectives. You can even enjoy casual yet modern dining in repurposed shipping containers in C.S. Lewis Square. 

EastSide is also leading the charge in environmentally focused urban development, boasting an unparalleled network of Greenways and dedicated cycling infrastructure.

Easily reached by bike or Glider, EastSide's streets will give you a glimpse of our troubled past but it will be the genuine warmth of our local people who will provide your lasting memories and insight into our optimism for the future.

VisitEastSide.com has been developed by EastSide Tourism, a subsidiary company of EastSide Partnership.

EastSide Tourism aims to maximise the socio-economic impact of tourism in east Belfast.

Our regenerative tourism development work focuses on four key priority areas:

  1. Positioning EastSide to ensure the development of tourism in east Belfast is market-led and aligned to the strategic development of tourism in Belfast, Northern Ireland and island of Ireland.
  2. Empowering EastSide by nurturing local ambassadors, identifying and investing in local storytellers and fostering entrepreneurial spirit amongst residents and businesses.
  3. Creating Exceptional EastSide Experiences to attract more visitors, lengthen duration of stay, increase visitor expenditure and enhance our city-wide offering.
  4. Sustaining for the Future with a focus on commercialisation as well as being an environmentally and socially responsible oragnisation.

EastSide Tourism is currently coordinating the delivery of the EastSide Destination Development Plan 2019-21

The EastSide Tourism office is based in EastSide Visitor Centre, C.S. Lewis Square, 402 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1HH. 

Contact EastSide Tourism on 028 9046 3820 or email visitorcentre@eastsidepartnership.com

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